Wait - is this JUST for mothers?

Nope! This is a women's retreat. It is for ALL women, at all stages of life. We wanted to center mothers to encourage them to come take a *much needed* break. 

Will I need a passport?

Yes! You and anyone traveling with you will all need passports, even tiny babies!  

What about a Visa?

Yes - you will need a tourist card; they are either $10 USD (purchased upon arrival at customs) or $20 USD upon departure. Please make sure you have cash.

When should I arrive? 

Please arrive anytime on Sunday, February 2nd. A sunset dinner will be served. Our retreat starts Monday morning with opening circle on February 3rd. 

When should I fly home?

Check out is the morning of Monday, February 10th. Breakfast will be served.  

I really want to come but need a payment plan, is that ok?  

Yes! Select the payment plan option at check out. 

My partner wants to come too, how would that work?  

The resort is reserved exclusively for the women attending. Anyone who wants to come with their family is welcome to and would need to find accommodations elsewhere in Las Galeras, Samana. We have 6 spots for "day passes" if women will be staying off site and coming for day program & meals. 

Are kids allowed? 

If you bring your kids & partners to Dominican Republic, leave them to have fun on their own while you attend the retreat. This is your time to recharge and come back home to yourself.

What airport would I fly into?

We recommend flying directly to Samana, Dominican Republic, which is a small airport on the peninsula.

Second best option: Santo Domingo (capital). There will be one free shuttle arranged to the retreat from here on Sunday February 2nd & back to the airport on February 10th. Shuttle times will be finalized once we receive everyone's itineraries. 


AZS is in Samana, the town in which the retreat is held. It is the closest airport, but may be slightly more expensive.

SDQ is in Santa Domingo, 2.5 hours (by car) from the retreat location.

POP is in Puerto Plata, 3.5 hours (by car) from the retreat location.

PUJ is in Punta Cana, 4 hours (by car) from the retreat location.

How would I get to the retreat?  

Airport transfers may be included from select airports - please reach out with your potential itinerary and we'll help get you here! 

Is food included?  

Gourmet vegetarian (with fresh fish option!) meals are all included, 3x a day.

Our talented chef is happy to accommodate special requests, such as vegan and gluten free. 

What else is included?  

Well, we don’t want to ruin all of the surprises, but we do have a few really nice treats up our sleeves for you. This is an all inclusive retreat, and you will be well taken care of. 

To share a few: a rejuvenating one hour massage, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the mother whales and their babies in Samana Bay, and incredible beach experiences.

Is there laundry?  

Yes there's a service provided at $5. 

What’s the rooming situation exactly?

We have private rooms and double occupancy rooms. If you know anyone else who is coming you can always request to be paired together. We'll do our best to accommodate!

 How many women will there be?

We are capping it at 30, including our leadership team. 

Do I have to attend everything on the schedule?  

Mama, this is YOUR retreat. We want you to put yourself first for a change!

Although we encourage you not to miss out on all the incredible experiences, it's completely up to you. If sleeping in and skipping morning yoga feels best, go for it! Great! This week is for you, we are here, for you. 

What's the refund policy? 

We have a strict NO refunds policy, thank you. 

Did we miss something? Email us at info@freebirthsociety.com with any questions.